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About Kids Learning Songs

Our Story

Kids Learning Songs are Educational songs for children. These include popular rhymes and original songs, videos and stories made for the purpose of teaching children and in a method for kids to learn. There are also lyrics of these songs for a more interactive learning experience.

The classroom is the conventional learning setting for kids, where structured subjects are thought. While the structured studies help children learn, mixing the same studies with songs will surely improve learning experience and outcomes, kids will love to learn even more and retain what they learn. Children learn by watching nursery rhymes, children songs, baby nursery rhymes and fun animal names and animal sound songs including Animal ABC, Counting songs, shapes and nursery rhymes videos.
Using music stimulates the appetite of children to enjoy the learning experience and therefore help to improve academic performance.
Kids Learning Songs are collection of popular rhymes with nursery rhymes characters aimed at providing entertaining educational songs which may be used in school setting or after school. These nursery songs for babies may include active activities and interaction with peers which boost confidence and build character. When children enjoy with nursery rhymes characters what they are learning they are also eager to continue, and since practice and more practice will help kids reach their educational potentials, kids learning songs is a win, win for every family.
Check out these educational nursery songs for babies videos. There are also lyrics to many kids’ songs and nursery rhymes videos for you. Use Kid Kids Learning Songs as these educational songs for kids will teach new words, and which emphasis fun ways of learning.


Our Philosophy
The Mission of Kids Learning Songs is to provide freely educational and learning songs for kids.

Kids Learning Songs hope to continue to make a difference to children and families through the provision of entertaining up beat songs made in quality 3D for early care and education.

  • At Kids Learning Songs children are first
  • We provide quality nursery rhymes and educational songs collection for kids
  • We encourage interactive learning in a fun environment
  • Kids Learning Songs assist parents to raise smart confident kids

OUR values

Our Principles

At Kids Learning Songs, we recognize that for children for children memorization is very important. We are guided by our Values and Principles. We want to inspire and make learning and education simpler and easier. We offer kids learning songs which are a collection of repetitive songs to help kids learn. Imagine that a kid is trying to learn the alphabets. It is easy to teach A, B, C, but what of when the kid hears an interactive ABC? What of if this song is in 3D animations? These hummable tunes will stick and your kid will have fun learning and becoming educated.

  • To inspire kids to enjoy learning
  • To help kids discover their singing talent
  • To promote family bond and parent- kids relationship.