How to help children to see endless possibilities and dream?

Childhood is the foundation that supports the framework of life. As bundles of energy with loads of enthusiasm, little kids enjoy learning, dreaming, exploring and imagining. Young age is the stepping stone to help them aim higher and larger. Their minds are similar to clay which can be molded and shaped into productive features. This places the responsibility on parents to show them the correct way. Rather than forcing them to follow a path, we should encourage them to think independently and allow flexibility and freedom.

If we empower them with hope, trust, confidence and belief, they will be able to fulfill their goals in a much happier way. It is important to increase their determination and dedication, showing them that everything is possible. This way of boosting confidence will soon transform into a permanent lesson for life. It will follow them through various stages, making them realize that all they need to succeed lies within themselves.

 Encouragement that empowers and shines:

If we encourage our children to harbor dreams and follow them with correct doses of determination and courage, it will prompt them to act. It is essential to introduce them to the concept of confidence. At the same time, it is also necessary to guide them about failure and success. Our powerful guiding lessons will help them understand about the need to stay focused. Whether the final situation works in our favor or not may not be within our control. But taking the correct steps with dedicated approach of hard work is definitely in our hands.

  As guiding forces to our kids, we must encourage them to believe in their dreams. Whether they hope to be the next superpower of this planet or hope to pursue a wonderful career, we should discuss, communicate, support and stand strong.

Let us walk along some pointers to help us achieve this:

1.       Communicate freely – Communication is the key to encourage our little kids. If we create a supportive environment that allows them to discuss, talk, exchange ideas and learn how and where to start, it will make the process enjoyable. And while encouraging open communication, we should be honest in our words. Though their dreams may sound too big to be true, we should talk about the highlights, possible errors, enjoyment and happiness, depending on their age of understanding.

2.       Empower with resources– It is extremely essential to empower them with resources. We should show them the correct means to achieve dreams. Be it books from the library or kids learning songs, educational videos with meaningful messages or colorful story books with morals, if we direct their attention to such resources, they will get new ideas. Instead of feeding them all the information, we should encourage them to hunt for ideas and discuss it later.

3.       Balance work with play– Kids are at the ripe age of knowledge and action. If we develop their interests, sharpen their talents, show them the fun way and mix work with play, they will definitely learn more. In order to encourage them to fulfil their dreams, we should introduce fun, laughter, lessons and ideas. If we blend these elements together, they will be more receptive to development. Boring lessons with instructions are often disliked by little kids. Use kids learning songs or funny videos, show them how their favorite superpower thinks big and gets into an action mode.

4.       Participate and act on little goals– Join forces with them and encourage them to work on short term goals. Be it assembling a tower or performing a kids learning song, if we show them the fun of dreaming and fulfilling it in a stepwise manner, they will enjoy the process. It will make them realize that all their future goals will materialize if they work in a proper sequence. Be a part of their project as a team-mate, rather than shooting a set of instructions.

5.       Teach the task of facing challenges– Though we love our little kids and wish them the best for all their ideas, we should talk to them about challenges, failures, difficulties and failures. If we tell them it is acceptable to fall down, but essential to rise again, they will remember it for a lifetime. Make use of their favorite cartoon characters and show them how they fail too. Do not force them towards success always, lead them with real-life examples.

Be a guiding parent who encourages them, do not mock on their dreams of being a superhero or a famous man/woman someday. Their childlike ideas will mature and change with age, but their confidence shall remain the same always. The content of their dreams may not be permanent but the determination to achieve it must be intact forever.

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