What are the value of pictures, illustrations and videos in early child learning and development?

We harbor beautiful memories about the poems and songs learnt as little kids. Be it funny baby songs with our favorite cartoon characters or popular nursery rhymes in a sing-song manner, we tend to hold on to such wonderful memories all through our life. Even though the purpose of learning is solved right at the start, the sweet magic of their innocence lingers around forever.

  Factors such as kids learning rhymes and funny baby songs are extremely essential for the early stages of education. At an age when dry content in books seems boring and overwhelming, kids find happiness in the sounds and pictures. By listening to popular nursery rhymes, little minds experience happiness, joy and excitement to learn something new every day. Rather than learning for the purpose of gaining knowledge, they look forward to the embedded fun.

Often, instead of parents forcing their kids to learn the ABCs, it turns the other way round, when children long to see such fun videos and sing along. After all, how can kids stay away from something as enjoyable as follows?

Compare a book in black and white print against a colorful book filled with pictures. It is obvious children will find more interest towards the colors. And the purpose of such an illustration is not just to entertain their mind, but to engage them into the process of learning. As childhood forms the base of their development, it is necessary to ensure a strong foundation. Nursery rhymes pose as the starter kit, prompting them to stay tuned for more. It increases interest, enthusiasm and desire to keep learning.

It represents a thin line between work and play. Slowly and steadily, as kids in the kinder-garden enjoy the fun of learning, they can focus over the further path. With advent of virtual connectivity and latest gadgets in the household, parents often find it difficult to control the screen usage for kids. It is true that over exposure to gadgets can spoil their habit in the long run, but it is also essential to ensure balance and use it for their own good.

Videos featuring ABC songs or numbers 1-10 can teach them about the basics. And primarily, as such videos feature little kids of their own age, it connects instantly. They enjoy the actions, voices and behavior, similar to their style, bringing everything to life.

The significance of a song or video is to form a permanent memory in their system. As the brain stores information based on colors and rhythm, it lasts on a permanent scale. Nursery songs collection or popular nursery rhymes are nothing but lessons in a funny manner. Every kid loves the sound of animals and birds. They enjoy colorful designs, symbols, pictures or plain shapes to understand things around them. It is more of a fun way to create a base over which the further development relies.

The concept of involving pictures, illustrations and videos is not backed by popular belief or interest alone. Beyond the universal understanding that rhymes of kids in English can improve their language or the videos of poems and funny baby songs can teach while they sing and dance- there are several scientific studies that point towards their value in early stages of learning. Right from the time the baby grows inside a mother’s womb, it recognizes sounds and rhythm. If a mother listens to good music and notes, it plays an important role in the development of the baby. In the same manner, as the kid learns to read, write, speak and express, the process of learning can benefit from the involvement of images and sound.

If this convinces your belief and resonates with your experiences with kids, let us look at the top five benefits of pictures, illustrations and videos.

  1. Instill awareness and alertness: As kids look at pictures or listen to poems, it increases awareness and makes them alert. It registers memory in their mind, connecting them to new concepts, and content. Popular nursery rhymes introduce rhythm and melody. It helps them to understand about different colors. Instead of being dull, bored or sitting around lazily, pictures and videos prompt them to quick action. Either they sing along or simply follow actions of the characters, their involvement entertains and educates, all at once.
  2. Increases curiosity– Nursery songs collection increase curiosity among little minds. It prompts them to know about things. As they ask parents about the meaning, it drives them to learn. Rather than forcing knowledge and feeding it into their system, it resembles a do-it-yourself kind of project. It encourages them to learn new words, expand their vocabulary, practice pronunciation and movements.
  3. Social bonding and team building – These two words may sound too serious for children, but it is essential to introduce them to social bonding and functioning as part of a team. It paves way for their behavior in future, hence no wonder parents have to ensure good manners and habits, right from the start. As kids watch fun videos together or listen to popular nursery rhymes, they develop the habit of co-ordination, co-operation and team spirit.
  4. Sow fun and joy– This is undoubtedly the best benefit of relying over popular nursery rhymes, ABC songs, videos and poems. Start with fun, but end with knowledge is the primary motto of all things that sing and dance over the screen. It makes them realize that school, books, and teachers are not just about boring lessons. There is more fun in doing things the funny way!

Obviously, each of these benefits are centered on our little kids who are the future of tomorrow. As parents and teachers, it is essential to provide such useful tools for their good. They will definitely ask for some, while you can bask in the satisfaction of seeing them happy.

Funny baby songs and kids learning rhymes are the answers to boredom, knowledge, entertainment and fun – all packed into one!


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