How do nursery rhymes increase curiosity and attention in little minds?

How many of you have grown up listening to ‘Jack and Jill’ and ‘Ba Ba Black Sheep’? Probably, each one of you will answer “I have”, because there is no doubt in the popularity of these nursery rhymes. As entertaining poems for children, kids learning rhymes are funny songs that teach, entertain and sing all at once. Toddlers enjoy the rhythm, melody and sing-song play of these rhymes- filled with colors and actions. No child can say no to the fun of watching funny characters on screen. At the same time, no parent can say no to the joy of seeing their kids engaged to these lessons in disguise.

Popular nursery rhymes are not just about fun and entertainment. Though they are made with the aim of appealing to little children, they have embedded lessons and values. Their purpose is to teach morals based on the stories of colorful characters. Be it a father-son conversation or involvement of animals, be it games between kids or birds chirping over trees, rhymes for kids in English toil to teach and educate. They strive to deliver some message, making the kids aware of essential lessons for life. They act as tools to improve behavior, communication, respect and friendly attitude towards one another.

Kids learning rhymes start the process of education. Much before a child can read or write, they can listen to the rhythm of nursery rhymes and pick some concepts. Knowing about basic things such as colors, letters, numbers and shapes starts from kinder-garden, where they understand the meaning one step at a time. Nursery songs collection are like storehouse of education and entertainment. They possess the right amount of fun, involving relatable characters. Rather than just songs, they leave an impact. With appropriate actions to match the words, rhymes for kids in English teach the basics of languages.

Nursery rhymes increase curiosity among kids because they see something new in front of them. As they feature novel characters, unique voices and different landscapes, it teaches a new concept every single time. And because it features diversity, kids are curious to know the meaning. Like the following video introduces the concepts of farm, farmer, ducks, cows, pigs and some new words. It may not necessarily stick to their memory, but it can increase the interest towards knowing things.

Another advantage of popular nursery rhymes is that it connects with little kids instantly. Most of the rhymes feature cartoon characters or children in their description. The videos and sounds seem cute and chirpy. They appear as their own friends, making an immediate bond. Instead of lessons offered by elders, kids learning rhymes are more like funny pieces of entertainment. Unknowingly, it instill some education in them, and kids actually look forward to it over and over again.

The sight of little kids hooked to screens of smartphones or tablets does not appeal to elders today. But in reality, if they enjoy watching nursery rhymes, they are actually gaining knowledge in the process. It is the best foolproof method to introduce alphabets, numbers, animals, birds, fruits, vegetables besides other things. Agreed, it is impossible to expect that kids will learn everything at once. But, nursery rhymes sow seeds of curiosity and attention. Kids learn to pay attention to the actions, characters and sounds. They respond to the repetitive sentences, words, and rhythm of their favorite rhyme.

This makes it obvious that nursery rhymes are valuable for basic learning. It is popular across the world, demonstrating innumerable benefits over so many decades now.

On the curiosity and attention front, popular nursery rhymes do the following:

1. It introduces new concepts such as name of animals, places, food, shapes, relations etc.

2. It guides kids to perform good activities in their daily routine

3. Rhymes demand attention as they involve actions. Kids often love to imitate movements in the videos.

4. Kids learning rhymes show the right and wrong way. If the central character is performing some wrong action, it alerts kids about the possible incorrect factors.

5. Nursery rhymes encourage kids to answer. They are embedded with some funny questions, to guess the attention of their audience.

6. It encourages kids to memorize. As they listen to the same rhymes over and over again, it acts as the first step towards shaping the memory power.

7. Kids learning rhymes are the best tools to help them in pronunciation. They can listen to sounds and remember how each words are said correctly.

8. After pronunciation, it can also assist them in forming sentences. Most the rhymes stress over important words, making it easy for kids to remember them and put them into sentences, whenever they talk to parents, teachers and friends.

9. Nursery songs collection are equipped with pictorial representation, flawless animation and amazing illustrations. They move over the screen in an easy-to-follow flow for little minds.

10. Most of the rhymes have a story in action. As it moves from one character to the other, it weaves an interesting story, engaging the young minds. They look forward to what happens next, and stay tuned to good education in the process.

There is no doubt in the fact that rhymes for kids in English can go a long way in shaping their primary education. The power of these sounds lies in their fun filled elements that stay carved in our memory. No matter how long ago we must have heard them for the first time, each of these nursery rhymes still stay fresh in our memories.

When parents sing along with their kids and encourage them to listen to rhymes, it creates a positive learning environment. Nursery song collection are similar to seeds that sow the basics of education. Once the lessons are embedded in the path, kids realize the power of learning. To a certain extent, this fun-based learning follows in their career ahead. It introduces them to the concept of curiosity, value of finding out answers and staying attentive to grasp everything along the way.


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