How Parents can help their children get the benefits and avoid the negatives of kid’s TV

As a parent you may be wondering how much screen time is good for your children and how much is too much. The idea of what is appropriate is relative and for every parent to decide. The scope of this article is on how parents can help their children receive quality benefits from TV and avoid the negatives of TV.

Screen time is a part of life for many young children. If your child uses electronic media, it’s vital to think about the educational benefits your child is receiving from it. It’s also important to limit your child’s screen time and help your child develop a healthy relationship with TV.

We live in a world of fast moving technology and everyday there are increasingly new discoveries. Your child’s life will be shaped by technology but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. From a very early age your little one will be growing and learning whilst trying to understand their new world. Whilst you should limit their exposure to technology, studies have proven that children can greatly benefit from watching TV with an educational nature.

Educational content

Studies of language learning have demonstrated that children aged two and older can learn vocabulary from television. When children listen to counting or numbers songs, the repetition will help to boost your child’s development and memory. A study at Princeton University supports this theory and has found that early exposure to age appropriate content designed around an educational curriculum is related to cognitive and academic enhancement. It’s ultimately your choice what and when they watch TV. You set the boundaries and make the decisions on the type of content your child will view.

Exposure to different cultures

TV lets your child travel around the world without having to leave the comfort of their own home. The right choice of program can teach your child about different cultures, traditions and lifestyles from all around the world.

Inspire your child

Even baby songs from a very early age can inspire your little one. Educational videos encourage them to try new things from wanting to be more creative to helping a friend in need. Research has shown that animal song videos have created the awareness for children to be kind to all animals.

Promotes social development

When TV characters express social-emotional skills, children will learn from them. Positive programmes will display getting along with others, rejecting negative stereotypes and sharing. It is common to see children have favourite shows and characters from TV and as well as wish to be like these characters.

Choosing the right shows

Choosing the right show is as important for parents. Most recent studies show that early exposure to violent and non-educational entertainment programming was positively associated with later symptoms of attention deficit. The aim of parents would be to expose children to educational and healthy content. The exposure to educational television was not related to attentional problems in most recent studies. Video channels such as Kachy TV provide classic nursery rhymes and kid’s songs that are engaging and fun. Children are attracted to light, movement and activity, so are more likely to interact with a program that includes likeable characters, bright colours and a repetitive beat.

Bonding time

A good idea is to unwind as time permits by using this screen time to bond with your child. You may watch the programs with them together. As you interact with the program; laughing, responding, asking questions your child will develop the understanding that learning is fun. Your relationship with your child will also improve. Parents can select well-designed, age-appropriate programs and view the programs with their children to maximize the positive effects of educational media. Most of the media sites have options for parental controls which allows parents to block access to their children – such content they regard as inappropriate. Parents should research to find sites that provide quality educational and entertainment content for children. It is important to combine these screen time with review and family discussions about topics and what was watched on TV. There are multiple sites including Kachy TV – dedicated to providing fun and engaging content for your child to learn from and develop these much-needed skills as they grow.

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